ENN-3701 Y
ENN-3701 Y
ENN-3701 Y
ENN-3701 Y

ENN-3701 Y

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A distinctive shape 
" Temple is out from the bottom of the lens " E-NOX NEURON 
  (Enochus Neuron) 

It is the best shape for onshore long distances where large vertical movements last a long time . 

>> Extreme fitting To 
support maximum performance for a long time, to support. 

>> Material 
Frame which adopted nylon material characterized by durability, flexibility, light weight, also used for medical use realizes a high fit. 

>> Under Temple Design 
By keeping the center of gravity low, "Under Temple Design", we minimize deviations and blurring due to vibration during running. 

>> Fixing the rimless type lens "Rimless type" without the front frame has wide view because there is nothing to hinder the field of vision. The lens adopts "Petroid Lens" (Yamamoto Optics' proprietary technology)), which is a material that is excellent in impact resistance and has a hard coating that prevents scratches on the surface of polycarbonate. 

>> Activated nose pad 
Fit to various face shapes by adopting "movable nose pad" which can be adjusted by yourself according to the user's nose · face shape. 

- Pursue the highest quality. - 
 Japanese Quality

 Manufacturers that can consistently carry out the development of highly specialized lenses as optical manufacturers and the development of frames that can maximize the performance of the lenses are rarely seen worldwide. We use these technologies to design and produce them from scratch by our own company according to purpose and user. Also, as Japanese manufacturers have abundant Japanese head information, we can offer eyewear that fits just for Japanese people. 

  ■ Size: Width 137mm / Height 44mm 
  ■ Weight: 20g 
  ■ Frame Color: Lime Yellow 
  ■ Lens Color: Blue Mirror × Smoke (Double Sided Clarifyx) 
  ■ Visible Light Transmittance: 13% 
  ■ Ultraviolet Transmission Ratio: 0.1% or Less 
  ■ Semi Hard Case included 
  ■ Made in Japan 

Product Details

Lens color Color description
Blue mirror × smoke It is a lens color which realizes a sharp vision by 
cutting a blue light which causes a haze and a fatigued eye by coating a blue type mirror with a gray series lens color which looks more natural 
Because it makes it difficult to see the eyes from the outside, expressions are not read by rivals, 
and there are also effects that are easy to concentrate.