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ENN20-0712 GOLD E-NOX NEURON20 Mirror lens model

Unique shape that
 pulls out the temple from the bottom of the lens "E-NOX NEURON 20'"

It is the best shape for long distances on land where large vertical movements continue for a long time.

>> Extreme fit To
support maximum performance for a long time.

>> Material The
frame made of nylon, which is durable, flexible and lightweight, is also used for medical purposes and achieves a high fit.

>> Under-temple design The
"under-temple design" that keeps the center of gravity low suppresses deviation and blurring due to vibration during driving to the utmost limit.

>> Rimless type The
"rimless type", which does not have a front frame to fix the lens, realizes a wide field of view because there is nothing to obstruct the field of view. The lens uses "Petroid Lens" (Yamamoto Kogaku's original technology), which is a material with excellent impact resistance and has a hard coating that prevents surface scratches.

>> Working nose pad
By adopting a "movable nose pad" that can be adjusted by yourself according to the shape of the user's nose and face, it fits various face shapes.

-In pursuit of the highest quality-Japanese quality

As an optical manufacturer, there are few manufacturers in the world that can consistently develop lenses that are highly specialized and frames that can maximize the performance of the lenses. We use these technologies to design and produce from scratch in-house according to the purpose and user. In addition, as a Japanese manufacturer, we have a wealth of information on the heads of Japanese people, so we can provide eyewear that fits Japanese people perfectly.

Frame color gold
Lens color Silver mirror x clear
Visible Light Transmittance 51%
UV transmittance 0.1% or less (UV cut 99.9% or more)
size Height 44mm / Width 137mm
weight 20g
Lens curve 6 curves
Frame function Adjustable nose
Material Frame: Nylon
Lens: Polycarbonate
accessories Semi-hard case, instruction manual
Country of origin made in Japan
Lens function Mirror lens
Target age For adults


Description of lens color Silver mirror x clear A
mirror lens that cuts the amount of light and makes it difficult for the eyes to see from the outside. Since the base is a clear lens, it is the brightest mirror lens that can be used when the amount of light is low, such as in cloudy weather or in the evening.