FO 0166 เลนส์โอโต้
FO 0166 BK
FO 0166 BK
FO 0166 BK
FO 0166 BK
FO 0166 BK
FO 0166 BK
FO 0166 BK
FO 0166 BK

FO 0166 BK

Regular price 8,900.00 ฿

"FACE ONE Face One", the latest gear that has evolved to protect the eyes of players who continue to take on challenges to win from SWANS.

Temple By installing the newly developed "Grabbing Temple", the contact area with the head is greatly improved compared to conventional sunglasses. The side pads fit the temples so that they grab the wearer's head, reducing the tendency of sunglasses to shake during strenuous movements.
We have prepared 3 sizes of side pads, S, M, and L, so that you can change them according to your face width and your favorite fit. The pad part moves according to the shape of the wearer's head, and the rear end of the temple also moves in conjunction with it.

"FLEXIBLE NOSE" Flexible nose The
nose pad is equipped with an adjustable fitting system. You can widen or narrow your nose to fit your nose shape.

"NON-SLIP RUBBER" Non-slip rubber In
order to prevent the eyewear from slipping due to exercise, it is used inside the temple that hits the back of the head.
Frame color Black x Black x Matte Black
Lens color Dimming clear to smoke (double-sided multi-coating)
Visible Light Transmittance 88% to 17% (changes depending on the amount of UV rays)
*The range of visible light transmittance varies slightly depending on the lens production lot.
UV transmittance 0.1% or less (UV cut 99.9% or more)
size Height 45mm / Width 153mm
weight 30g
Lens curve 6.25 x 5 curves
Frame function Adjustable nose width
Material Frame: Nylon
Lens: Polycarbonate
accessories Semi-hard case, instruction manual
Country of origin made in Japan
Lens function Photochromic lens (photochromic lens)
→Lens that change color depending on the amount of UV light 
→Lens made of polycarbonate material with a scratch-resistant coating 
Double-sided multi-coated lens
Target age For adults
Description of lens color Dimming Clear to Smoke
In places where the amount of UV light is low, the clear lens provides clear vision. When the amount of UV rays increases, it changes to a smoke that can maintain a natural color tone, protecting your eyes in fine weather. A single lens changes the lens color according to the weather, making it the perfect lens for commuting by bicycle or for expeditions where you don't want to increase your luggage.

* Photochromic lenses do not change color indoors or in cars with UV-blocking glass. (It remains clear.) Even in a bright place, the color change will be less if UV rays do not hit the lens. It may be difficult to color in high temperature conditions. Also, if the temperature is low, it will be easier to color.