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~ Popular model NEW product of Airless series ~ 

Pursuing "lightness" and "comfortable hanging comfort", 
it can be used for any sports including running. 
Adoption of an adjustable nose pad and refinement of the frame shape 
provides even more comfortable hanging comfort. 

■ High Performance Material Lens 
that Protects Eyes from Any Danger Uses "PETROID LENS (Petroid Lens)" which is superior in impact resistance / scratch resistance. 
It is also used for the helmet shield of space suit, using a plastic material "polycarbonate" with impact resistance of 10 times or more of glass, protecting eyes with sports scenes where intense shock and unpredictable accident may occur. It also prevents scratches on the surface with its own hard coat film. 

Protecting your eyes from harmful ultraviolet rays SWANS sunglasses cut all harmful ultraviolet rays by 99.9% or more. 
Ultraviolet rays pointed out that if you expose your eyes under strong sunlight for a long time, it will also cause eye damage. The SWANS Petroid lens cuts out 99.9% or more of ultraviolet rays in any lens color, and also reduces ultraviolet rays coming from the gap with a frame design fitted to the Japanese face's curve. Adopting adjustable nose pad that enhances fit ■ 
In the part where the nose of the frame hits, Equipped with a rubber pad that is perfect for perfect skin and a preeminent fit. 
Customizable according to nose width and height with movable type. 

■ Frame Color: Demi Black
■ Lens color: dimming [clear ⇔ smoke]
■ UV transmittance: 0.1% or less 
■ Visible light transmittance: Clear 84% ⇔ Smoke 17% 
■ Size: Width 140 mm / Height 40 mm / Weight 17 g 
■ With case 
■ Made in Japan 

Product Details

Lens color Color description
Dimmer clear to smoke  In the place where the amount of ultraviolet rays is small, it is in the state of the clear lens, 
supporting a certain field of view . When the amount of ultraviolet rays increases 
, it turns into smoke that can hold the natural color tone and protects the eyes at fine weather. Because the lens 
color changes according to the weather with one, it is the most suitable lensespecially for expeditions 
when you do not want to increase bicycle commuting or luggage .