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***ขนาดเลนส์คลิปออนสายตา SCP 21***

สูง 47mm / กว้าง 120mm (55mm สำหรับเลนส์ 1 ข้าง)

Sunglasses attached to SCP-21 glasses "Clip-on"

You can attach it to your glasses to make high-performance sunglasses. 

* Please be sure to check before purchasing. *

Depending on the shape of the eyeglass frame, it may not be possible to install it. Please check the "lens shape" and "size" of your glasses before purchasing.

1) Lens size If
the lens on one side is larger than the SCP-21 lens (length 47 mm, width 55 mm), or if the width of the glasses exceeds 120 mm, the entire lens cannot be covered.

2) Frame thickness
Cell frames and thick eyeglass frames cannot be used because they cannot be clipped.

Lens color SMK Polarized Smoke
LSMK Polarized Light Smoke
BR Polarized Brown
LBR Polarized Light Brown
Visible Light Transmittance SMK / 19% (Polarization: 99% or more)

UV transmittance 0.1% or less (UV cut 99.9% or more)
size Height 47mm / Width 120mm (55mm for one eye)
* There are individual differences due to actual measurement values.
weight 9g
Frame function Bounce type
Material Lens: Triacetate
accessories Sleeve case, instruction manual
Country of origin made in Japan
Lens function Polarized lens
Target age For adults