SPB-0714 BK

SPB-0714 BK

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It is the most fitting sizing for contemporary Japanese, with a 
splendid design "SPRINGBOK (Spring Bock)" that can be used for both men and women, the 

lens can be replaced, and the opening and closing parts are 
united with the frame design and do not destroy the whole form. 

Since the temple end moves flexibly, it can be adjusted according to the shape of the head. Because it is a frame design that envelops the head, it realizes fitting which is hard to shift and can not be tightened. 

The nose pads are hard to fall off even if you sweat, 
and adopt a large rubber that is soft and soft . Because there is a metal core inside, it is wide and severe adjustment is also possible. 

Secure visibility demanded by athletes, and support the performance to the utmost. It is full-spec sports glass which professional also recognizes. 

 ■ Frame Color: Black 
 ■ Lens Color: Silver Mirror × UL Ice Blue 
 ■ Visible Light Transmittance: 28% 
 ■ Ultraviolet Transmittance: 0.1% or Less 
 ■ Lens Interchangeable ( Sold Separately ) ■ Size: Width 141 mm / Height 49 mm Weight ■: 26 g 
 ■ Dedicated semihard case included 
 ■ Made in Japan 

Product Details

Lens color Color description
Silver mirror × UL ice blue Mirror coat on the lens surface suppresses dazzling 
and emphasizes contrast with the base ice blue color, so lenses with a refined field of view feature. It is the best color for golf and ball sports.